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Get a zoom inventory on film.
Ensure the best protection for your property

The best evidence to protect your properties

We film your properties, with the footage supplied on a chaptered DVD. It includes a fully typed report with photos of meters and keys.

New to filmed Inventories?

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Our Pledge - Jargon Free Zone

We don't fill our reports with abbreviations that take hours to decipher. We film your property and say it how it is. Plain language explains things clearly.

Avoid any Disputes

ZOOM INVENTORIES provides the best evidence to ensure any dispute can be settled speedily.

Tenants Moving In?

Book us at least 48 hours before your tenants move in, and we'll capture your property on film so there's no dispute as to the original condition.

Nothing is left unturned

Our filmed inventories show furniture in situ, 360 degrees of a room and clearly indicates any defects prior to a tenancy start.

It is up to you to provide the evidence

If you can't show the original condition of your property, then you will not receive anything in the event of a dispute.
Why have a filmed inventory?
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Estate Agents and Lettings Agents